March 21, 2018 at 08:53PM

Top times painting these two bro’s at Macquarie Uni for Harmony Day. Cheers to @macquarieuni for getting me involved everyone who had a paint and @taubmans and @posca_aus for the paints.

The story of Timbo the Tiger and Craig the Koala, AKA the Harmonious Two.

Once there was these two creature dudes called Craig the Koala and Timbo the Tiger and they lived pretty close together in the bush. You could say that they were neighbours. Anyhow, they were heaps good buds and one day in spring Craig borrowed Timbo’s BMX for the annual ‘Take your Bike to Work Day’. Craig thought he was a mad dog on the BMX and on his way back from work he was doing sweet jumps and doing bunny hops and everything. He did one sweet jump but unfortunately he landed on a rock that was in the shape of a taco and buckled the back wheek. When he got home he gave the bike back to Timbo and gave him some cash to get the wheel fixed and also a box of Favourites chocolates. Timbo was stoked to get some chocolates because he loved the turkish delight one the best. They were super harmonious and were the best of neighbours for heaps long. The End.

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March 20, 2018 at 04:28PM

Canvas 1 of 2 commissioned by @macquarieuni for Harmony Day happening tomorrow. I’ll be painting the 2nd one live at Macquarie Uni from 10 to 2 tomorrow near the Muse building. Come along for a harmonious paint!

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Sweet Video

From my recent time at @macquarieuni. I’ll be back there this Wednesday painting for Harmony day, come along for a paint if you’re free.

An Ode to the Macquarie Crew

There was a bunch of characters that ruled the place
The Macquarie Uni crew with cheeky looks on their face

A penchant for coffee had the Duck called Dirk
He had ten cups a day and he wore no shirt

Benny the Bin Chicken always scored mad feeds
The bins on campus had the goods indeed

Carlos the Cockie loved the icecream pistachio
Two scoops piled high like a double decker moustachio

Then the character we’re all wondering about
Is Gordie the garden gnome who’s fully grouse

He moved to campus on Conception Day
And loved it so much he lives there to this day

He lives in the bushes always having a good time
Waving at peeps and speaking in rhyme

The End

#mulgatheartist #macquarieuniversity #macquarieuni #harmonyday

March 18, 2018 at 08:46AM

Drew this hairy dolphin for my dads 60th birthday. Happy birthday dad.
An Ode to Captain Dolphin Dave

The hairiest dolphin in the seas
Was Captain Dolphin Dave if you please

He sailed his ship from down below
He controlled it with ease and made it go
If any pirate ships should ever come near
He’d squirt water at em and cause much fear

You see he was a dolphin so big,  bigger than a whale
And he could generate immense power from his tail

When his ship was in dock and he had time to spare 
The local surfers would contract him to make waves better than fair

With a flick of his tail waves would reel down the point
Perfecto tubes at that surfing joint

He was a hero to many all around the place
And always had a smile on his bearded face

The End

#mulgatheartist #captaindolphindave #dolphin #poscaau

March 17, 2018 at 11:24AM

It’s Cortex King of the sea, I drew him for @surfrideraus who are currently running a sweet raffle to win 5 boards and a surf trip, get amongst it.
An Ode to Cortez King of the Sea

He was a magical dude in the ocean deep
Born under water when the world was asleep

All the ocean creatures obeyed his commands
Because he was king of the seas and it’s lands

When he travelled around he rode on dolphins two
And in his beard secured tightly was tritons a few

He battled against those who disrespected the seas
Vanquished them with his tritons with apparent ease

But for all his ceaseless battling around
Cortez could not help but to be losing ground

The amount of trash getting washed into the sea
Was on another level like the princess and the pea

Once so pristine and clean all around the place
The ocean was now full of crap from the human race

What can be done about this trash ridden stew
There’s many solutions so go and do

The End

#mulgatheartist #surfrider

Sweet Video

Fun little animation by @super_redhead
So cool!🤙🐬🐨🌴 #mulgatheartist #animation

Sweet Video

The Fruit Bunch Gang at Northumberland St carpark, Liverpool.

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March 14, 2018 at 06:32PM

The funky fruit punch mural at Northumberland St carpark for @liverpoolcitycouncil.

Thanks @liverpoolcitycouncil for allowing me to add colours to your walls, @taubmans for the colours and @bryden_designs, @conka_conka, @bravomarks, @super_redhead, and @nicolekoncz for coming for a paint.

The story of the Fruit Punch Gang

Once upon a time there was these fruit dudes chilling in the park by the jungle gym. They were pretty lethargic because it was a hot Saturday arvo and then Liam the Lemon had the idea that they all should grow moustaches. So the next weekend they met up and they all had sweet moustaches and they had heaps more energy and were high fiving and doing flips and everything. That night they had a gig at a party as the official fruit punch and they tasted so good they got a sweet bonus payment for being the life of the party. The End.

#mulgatheartist #moustachesaremagical #fruitpunch #streetart #taubmans

March 13, 2018 at 03:51PM

Watermelon Wally is one of the characters in the fruit punch I’m concocting at the moment at Northumberland St carpark in Liverpool. He is nutritious and delicious and he has a nice moustache.

#mulgatheartist #watermelonart #watermelonwally

March 12, 2018 at 05:32PM

Eleni the elephant chilling in her jungle bath painted on a clutch bag.

An Ode to Eleni the Elephant

Eleni loved to hangout with the greenery so
At home amongst the plants was the way to go

Bathing in the stream was the place to get clean
And for lunch she liked to eat a magical mung bean

The End

@taubmans #mulgatheartist #taubmans #elephant #elephantart #pinkelephantsaregrouse

March 09, 2018 at 08:28PM

Nik the Pineapple for @g.o.o.dfruit. Made with with @taubmans and @posca_aus on 9mm ply.

The story of Nik the Pineapple

Nik the Pineapple liked to ride his bicycle around the suburban streets of Pineapple Beach. When he wasn’t riding his bicycle he was the owner operator of the best fruit shop in town called Nik’s Tasty Fruit Shop. One time when he went on holidays to Greece his dog Boris was in charge of the shop but it didn’t go so well because Boris spent a little too much time playing frisbee with his buddies on the beach. The End.

#mulgatheartist #goodfruitramsgatebeach #taubmans #poscaaus #posca #pineapple #pineappleart

March 07, 2018 at 08:33AM

Good times painting in Caringbah for @walkthewallsfestival. It’s across from Caringbah train station.

Cheers to @phibs_has_instagram and the folks at @suthshirecncl for putting it on, @taubmans and @crockerspaint for the paint and everyone who helped paint it with me.

#mulgatheartist #walkthewalls #walkthewallsfestival #walkthewalls2018 #taubmans

March 03, 2018 at 02:35PM

Painting with the fam at @walkthewallsfestival. DM me if your wanna come for a paint, I’ll be here tomorrow painting as well🐬🐙🎨
#walkthewalls2018 #walkthewallsfestival #mulgatheartist

March 02, 2018 at 08:12PM

I had the raddest of times painting poolside for @yhaaustralia Byron Bay.
Muchos thanks to @candalc_ for helping me paint, @taubmans for the colours and the fine folks at YHA Australia for looking after me.

#mulgatheartist #taubmans #yhaAustralia #poolsideartisthebesttypeofart #byronbay

March 02, 2018 at 09:39AM

Stoked that street art is making it to the Shire this weekend for @walkthewallsfestival

I’ll be painting on Saturday and Sunday over the road from Cazbah train station. Come and check it out.

#mulgatheartist #walkthewalls

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